Lars Rosenberg Music


Tellus Explosion: 1978 - 1979

The very first rock band I played in was Tellus Explosion. This was when was in junior high school at the age of 13. We felt like kings when we played on stage. Since it was our first band the songs we played was covers. We were three guitar players, singer, bass player and drummer. The room where we rehearsed was an old shelter with concrete walls. We dampened the sound with small pieces of carpet samples that we got from a local carpet store.

My second band: 1979 - 1980

We never had a real name for this band. Maybe because we never played live with this band. We were two members from the old band that formed this new band.

Savage 1980 - 1982

This was when we were in the 9th grade. The last year in School before gymnasiet, the Swedish name for high school. This was actually a good band having in mind how young we were at that time. With this band we had Mark I, II and III.

Tre Ton Tegel: 1984 - 1986

The name: In English it would be something like 3 ton bricks, as in building bricks. This band was mostly for fun. This was a band I joined after Save split up. We got to one or two gigs and one studio recording at Mick Row’s Studio, Karlstad. In the early 80th this was a huge thing that cost a lot of money.

Yankee Rose: 1987 - 1990

One of the more successful bands I’ve played with. We had some gigs with this band and did a two studio recordings. One of them can be found on my YouTube page (LÄNK HÄR). We were me on guitar, bass player, singer and a drummer. At the end we had another guitar player joining the band. But he quit when he went to GIT in L.A. I joined the band in early 1987 and the band broke up in 1990.

Battering Ram: 1998 - 2003

This was a really fun band to play in, two guitar players, bass player, singer and drummer. We didn’t do any studio recordings but we manage to capture one gig on video. I haven’t been able to convert it to DVD yet. But maybe, who knows. We started playing covers but at the end we tried to do our own stuff. Two of the members, me and the drummer were always in the band.

Boris Bay: 2003

This was a completely new thing to me as this was blues band. Be it modern blues but still a blues band. This is actually the reason I still today sometimes need to play some blues. We had a great friends and fun time with this band.

XL: 2004 - 2005

This band was formed when the drummer left Battering Ram for a session with a cover band. So we needed another name. Since we were to Lars in the band we first called the band Extra Lars which became XL.

New Riffmakers: 2005

The singer from Boris Bay and I was asked to join a band called Riffmakers. Since it wasn’t the original members in the band we called it New Riffmakers. I still have some studio recordings we did with this band. At this time the computers had been introduced to the studio making it easy to record and a lost cheaper.

Riffmakers: 2005 – 2006

After a while the guitar player and drummer from Boris Bay joined New Riffmakers. Since the original member, sort of the owner of the name Riffmakers was in the band we decided to go back to the original name Riffmakers. I left this band in 2006, not with any bad feeling but my goals started to be different than the band. It was after I quit this band I started my own studio.

LR Band

I started to most of my stuff self in the studio asking local drummer for help and did so for about 6 years, between 2007 - 2013. In 2009 a friend of mine suggested I should join facebook as I did. My present facebook account was started in 2010 and I still have it active. I use it mainly for private contacts with other musicians. I do have a public band page on facebook as well as a YouTube page. In 2012 I joined a site call Fandalism. We are 500.000+ members on that site. It’s a site for musicians were you can spread your music and find friends to collaborate with. The last collaboration has been a thing that I really enjoy. Even though I don’t see the guys I get to play with really good musicians. You’ll probably hear a lot more of this in the near future. I or should I say WE have only released one track to the commercial channels so far. I was thrilled the first time I heard my tack played on Canadian radio.


The first choir I joined. This is the choir run by the Swedish Church at Kronoparken, Karlstad. The list of songs consists of psalms and church related song as well as some other stuff. Joining this and the other choir has really helped improve my vocals

Gospel Groove Company

This is a choir run by the Missionary Church in Karlstad. This is a pure Gospel Choir, nearly all songs are gospel songs in English.