Lars Rosenberg Music


Internet Collaborations

From the summer 2013 I have worked with different musicians on the Internet. For collaborations I find the Fandalism page highly useful. In fact I’ve found all but one of my friends I collaborate with on that site.

James Noble

Jeff Janssen

Kevin Palmer

Ari Käyhkö

Jörgen Ekener

Rino Cavalli

Tobias Flensburg

Takahiro Masuda

Don (Buddy) Blackburn

Alan Courne (The Courne)

Erik Thompson

Erik is the drummer from Battering Ram. An old band we played in between 1998 and 2005. After Erik moved away from Karlstad Battering Ram broke up. Erik helped me with lyrics for two of my songs. Roller Coaster Of Love and Mouthful Of Love.